vrijdag 14 januari 2022

A new start


We live in Nederland again. On a ship.

Work has started in The Coffee Connection OTM BV. (OTM means On The Move)

At the "Droogmakerij 38C" we have our base=> Speciality Coffee from the fire truck, Workshops on the finer knowledge of Coffee, and drinks catering at your own Party.

We have a new telephone number => 06 2030 9010.  E-mail stays the same=> info@staysail.eu. Most important the hospitable people stay the same. Ton & Lies will service their guests like they were used to do in the 13 years in Danmark on Møn.

The 9.1 we had with over 700 reviews were really earned with hard work, passion for guests and service mindfulness.

This is why we called it OTM. The coffee is being driven to the venues.


Nauerna Uitgeest on the river "Zaan"


Don't you just love being on the water.

Adjusting to a new life


Ton, where are you going?

I'll come and help
I miss opposing thumbs, but I can support you with my presence.

I'll just check the ropes while you do that other stuff.

Our new home (it starts as our vacation residence)



We are on vacation


 and exploring the world. Blake ventured into the water twice: the first time it was my fault, to slow on the leash at jumping from the ship. The second time he jumped and slipped. Luckily he was wearing his harness and did not get completely submerged.

It's a nice world after all.