zondag 22 december 2013

Sinterklaas 2013


Sinterklaas is in Stege again.

zaterdag 21 december 2013

Promoting our culinary products


We got the chance to promote our culinary products in the local DIY/shop.

Just a little strange to put your stuf on and around the toilet department.

Visiting Roskilde for researching Drivkvase (re)building, restauration.


Visiting Roskilde for researching Drivkvase (re)building, restauration.

They have Dan, Victoria and Tumblern lying there.

And our work in progress

Billede af ALVILDA
This is an other Drivkvas. She is going to look similar.

We can somethings, new tramp for our SuperCat


I finished the making of a new Tramp for our SC17.

On our last trip to NL we bought an Adler which could sew through thick and tough materials. Now I had the chance to try the machine and finish the tramp.

Cat Inspection

New Cats on the prowl.

On special request we searched for a cheap H16. We found 2 and brought them back to Danmark.

All goods have their value and so these older boats came for a good prise.

New Order: Hajkutter presenning 20 meters long


Multi Center Syd got my name from a friend of ours. Sabine informed her colleagues that there is a sail-maker on Møn. Would they be willing to collaborate and support, coach the work on making this huge wintercover. Of course, anything goes at StaySail.

In an annex in Toreby a sail-makers loft was improvised. They have a nice industry sewing machine but all the loose tables are not making things easier.

Hardtop Presenning for our Kvas


Our Kvas must be covered for working and conservation purposes.

Æblernes Dag


Food art by Ton & Lies in preparation for Æblernes Dag.

The nastiest job in the world.


Sailing with guests. Why this is nasty? Well you know just because there is one argument: you could say that we are not enough on the water with our own boats for fun.
And even with the nicest job on the planet you must complain about something, not?
 There is not enough sun, wind, to much water on your head, etc, etc,

I don't know if you can read the sarcasm between the lines?

St Hans 2013


St Hans in Stege Harbour.
The Classic St Hans is on the 23. of June. In Scandinavia bonfires are to be seen all over the country, especially on the shores and beaches of lakes and sea.

We arranged in cooperation with Steffen Steffensen a bonfire on a raft in the harbour.

Live music, BBQ and a bonfire were the highlights of the evening. Thanks to everyone for their support and the about 650 visitors of this evening.

Live Music

Skibs Øl, Ships Beer

Freddy doing the speech and a song.

Some of the about 600 visitors

Some more

Stefan with a torch to light the bonfire

Second lighting of the Bonfire

A beautiful end to a successful  evening