zondag 29 april 2012

Bootje erbij

ff op z'n Nederlands: Het vliegt door de lucht en komt zachtjes neer in de tuin van StaySail:

De eenbootjeerbij.

Not black and yellow like a cardinal buoy, but Danish  "stolen" paint grey and with an old red anti fouling a new ship has arrived in Svensmarke. Originally built in 1905 in Damsholte Beth has returned to Møn. Where she will be restored in full operating service. We do not know how yet, and how fast is a question we do not discuss.

It is an about 8.5m long Drivkvase built in 1905 in Damsholte.
She now has the terrible name of "Beth". As a working name she is called
Butch, because she has such a nice slim figure.

If all the rig is on the boat with stern and bowsprit she will be about 10m longer.

They were built for shallow water fishing on eel hence they are called ålekvase.


They were sailed against the wind (cross-tack) on the shoal with ålegras (eel
grass) and the kvase would float broadside to the wind over this grass with
the nets attached to the bowsprit and sternsprit.

Åledriv våd

The kvas has a high stability, but a low free board to get the nets(filled with grass, stones and hopefully fish) inboard at the end of fishing.

The boats used to be tar black/brown, but since the sixties when a large amount of grey paint was
stolen from the shipyard in Helsingør, kvaser in the northern Sound area turned Gray. Coincidence?


Sailing for MAST


We had a MAST partners meeting. We talked a  lot about the administrative organisational part of the project. Luckily we were also allowed out to play. On Thursday we sailed with Røret and our RIB to Nyord and back.

You can find more info on MAST  on http://www.mast-project.eu/

Make some holes for light

Wednesday en Thursday we started to lighten up the hotel. Big chunks of Leica brick were taken out of the 29cm thick wall. First we did not have the guts, so we asked a murermester. He had no problems at all cutting in our walls. In no time we had 3 doors and 4 windows cut out. After that we needed to take all these chucks to the recycling depot. It took us 1 complete day and 4 man to transport all this there.

Sea-Trials with Røret

Kim needed to train/sail with Røret so we took here on a trip over Stege Bugt.

Assisting weighing Røret


For CE-certification Røret needed to be weighed and do a heeling test. As with a lot of work on Røret we provided this assistance as a service and never sent an invoice. On the other hand are we involved in a lot of sailing with this little postboat.

Building Outer Walls

Stefan is building and getting quite the expert in masonry.

 With the old beams we created a "Fachwerk Hous"
 Quite the Artist
 That's the way we like to see Stefan
 A job weldone



To this dinner we invited all the special people who helped us in the last 3 years with advise, support and help. We invited up to 30 guests in a vacation period and found out that a lot of our friends are not in hibernation but abroad in the warmer parts of the world.

We had 20 people who visited and enjoyed our cooking. We had a very good time and could show our appreciation.