donderdag 20 december 2012

Restaurant Panoramas

I made some panoramas of the restaurant.

Sinterklaas in Stege again


For the Juletræs tænding Sint had sent two Zwarte Pieten to Stege. These two had used Google Translate to translate Juletræs tænding and found out that there was going to be a bonfire. They brought with them enormous matches to put the tree on fire. When they asked the about 300 children if it was OK, they answered Yes. This caused a confusion, because in their script they expected a No.

With a lot of fun they invited everybody to meet up in Stege harbour and welcome Sinterklaas on the 1. of December.


Sinterklaas was welcomed by about 20 children and their parents. A lot of parents had forgotten that the "Goed Heilgman" was coming, heard we later. He had a lovely time at the old town hall. and met a lot of nice people.

Last notice of Sinterklaas was that if he was forgotten again next year the boat to Spain would be to small to take all the naughty parents with him.

 Sinterklaas visited Ulvsund again. This looks likely to become a returning tradition.

Cripple Piet was chauffeured around. 2nd cruise on BRYZA H (29th September 2012 – 5th October 2012)


2nd cruise on BRYZA H (29th September 2012 – 5th October 2012)

The beginning of the second cruise on the SY “BRYZA H” in this sailing season was held without any problems. Maybe it happened thanks to the crew`s experience or maybe thanks to the well organized and self-reliant crew from the Center of Elicitation and Social Integration Reduta running by the Association of the Environmental Prevention “MROWISKO”. Anyway, embarkation and preparing the yacht for sailing went very smoothly.

This time the cruise had clearly international character because from the very beginning the Polish and the Danish were sailing together on the board. It was agreed that the only, more or less known language for both nationalities was English so the conversation should have been conducted in this language. As it turned out, the decision and the implementation it is not always the same but more about that later.

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To much of a good thing

First now we found the time to clip the hedge and its a little more then 2 days work. First Ger and my father(just a little bit) did the inside of our garden. But now the outside of this huge hedge has got to go.

75 Kids on the water

Stege skole, Hjertebjerg skole and Fanefjordskole merged and 75 kids found new school companions. It was a chore for the teachers to smooth a long standing "feud" into empathy, or even new friendships.

What better way then to have a collaboration to vanquish the elements water and wind on Stege Nor. With the best weather we could have dreamed of we all enjoyed the water-sports activities, even the boys and girls who said up front that they were uneasy or even frightened of the water. Everyone had a go and enjoyed him/herself.

3 groups of about 25 kids met with us in the restaurant and set out to conquer the seas. On kayak, dinghy, catamaran and rib they set sail and had the time of their life.

We can see the finishline,,,,,,,,,,,far away

We are now approaching the completion of our building project. Just a bit after the planned date of the 1. of may, we also had to take care of The Coffee Connection, finally all rooms have ceilings.

As soon as this is ready all rooms can have floors.

Now we can concentrate us on making the door and window gaps wind and rain tight.

vrijdag 7 december 2012


Roth-Nordic supplies a nice floor-heating system.