maandag 2 januari 2012

Sinterklaas is coming to Stege II

2011-12-03 Sinterklaas pays a visit to Stege.

 Bøger og Papir

 I Storegaden

 I The Coffee Connection


Opa Goofy is op bezoek op Møn

2011-11-11 An impression of Cor Verheij on the activities of StaySail.

Removing the temporary table to install the new cooler.

 Stege Bridge

 That's how it looks now

Our most lovely host.

 Hårbølle havn.

 Paragliding. With steady southern wind the southern shore of Møn is a perfect spot to paraglide.

 Enjoying the beach

 Stege Nor in fog. Mortimer accompanies us all the way to the Nor.

 Discussing the Menu in The Armada.

 The beautiful forest roads at Møns Klint.

Our front door.

Sinterklaas is coming to Stege

2011-11-28 The Transport-Piet is delivering the walking scepter of Sinterklaas.
He only got lost in Stege.


2011-10-14 The restaurant is almost finished.