woensdag 15 februari 2012

It's cold outside and our Baxi is giving troubles.

After years of hard labor, some gaskets of our CO2 neutral central heating system are deteriorating. They have no elasticity anymore. So when air goes the wrong way it starts to burn the pellets inside the container. This is NOT good. The first gasket on the lid of the container we replaced did not do the trick, sure the top was closed now, but air was flowing around the inlet-duct and burning away on the storage container. Part of the plating had been that hot, that it had deformed. On Saturday we stopped the heater got a gasket and separated the storage container and the furnace part. We needed to hammer the plate in shape again. Imagine leaning in to the side of the container(empty it as the acoustic properties of a church-bell), and banging away on it with a 2 kg hammer with your hand inside and your ear almost pressed to the steel. We tried to use a hydraulic jack, but that can not be used horizontally. After 3 hours we could start heating up the house and restaurant again.Temperatures outside were between -3 and -6 Centigrade.

Building the Hotel & Sailloft


 Sewage from the Employees toilet and a hotel room goes down through the concrete.
 We still have some materials on the floor and in the way.
 A completed stairs
 Where do you put all your tools, we moved it to several places.
 We are laying "Krydsfinær" as floor on our beam construction.
 More materials in places we like to have free  to move around.

 We are laying "Krydsfinær" as floor on our beam construction.

 Someone has to do the coordination.
 But also I can do the finer jobs.

Redesigning the stairs

The stairs could not be used the way I designed them on the drawing board, so right after the start of building we decided on making an extra swing.

After working hard it is good resting. (sounds better in Dutch)

Comes hell and high water.

We had seawater all the way up to the entrance off the Coffee Connection.

Building the hotelrooms

We started building the 4 extra rooms in the old barn.

 Joining 4 x 4,2m 245x45 to make a beam of 8.15m.
 Wood for the 2nd floor
 The first beam in place
 Stefan setting Simpson Strongtie in Place